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LedgerSMB preinstalled Virtual Machine

Download LedgerSMB 1.6.10 preinstalled VirtualBox image in OVA 1.0 format and import into your system
MD5SUM: 674a762667bb5590ade08d3cd78abd04
Download md5sum file
Visit official LedgerSMB website


Quick up and running

The virtual machine based on Ubuntu Server 18.02 updated at 6th of Jun, 2019 and Postgresql 11.
It uses DHCP to get an IP address and you can instantly access to LedgerSMB admin/user interface.

Import the OVA image into your Virtualbox. You can even run LedgerSMB on Windows 10 using virtualization and keep your operating system clean!


User Credentials, don't forget to change in production!

Linux system user name:  lsmb
and password:   lsmb

LedgerSMB database admin name: lsmb_admin
password: lsmb12345


Easy to work with

Accessing to the LedgerSMB DB admin page is easy:

User interface:

SSH access to the virtual machine:
ssh lsmb@IP_ADDRESS